B2133 Grünbrücke Teslagasse (case study)

The structure was built in 1980 and designed as an overpass over a motorway. The overpass has a length of about 100m and shows a tunnel-like characteristic. The beams are supported by the abutment and the columns are situated between the direction lanes of the motorway. In 1994, concrete spalling was noticed for the first time. A patch repair of the substructure with surface protection up to a height of 2.00m was executed.

Object description

(No object description available.)

Civil engineering type
Road network Bridge
Year of construction
Composed of materials
Location coordinates

Object analysis

Corrosion monitoring before and after different intervention measures (corrective maintenance)

Case type

Object state

additionally to the corrosion monitoring time discrete condition surveys were executed.

Observed deterioration processes
Observed damage types
Performance indicators
Chemical properties, Electrical properties, Spatial properties (concrete cover/duct voids), Other actions (wind/temperature/earthquake)


Grünbrücke Teslagasse 1.jpeg
Grünbrücke Teslagasse 2.jpeg


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This case study was contributed by Fritz Binder of Asfinag Baumanagement GmbH. Last edited by technical staff.