Grünbrücke as a timber construction (analysis)

A detailed assessment of the condition of an object.


Element type
A test matrix describes all tests to be carried out according to the time interval to be observed, needs tests or according to an object-related damage analysis. The inspection of the green bridge includes a visual inspection of the load-bearing structure and connecting elements, wood moisture measurements, crack depth measurements, penetration resistance tests to check the strength of the wood structure, detection of cavities, endoscopy, resistography for the detection of cavities, there are also various notes and instructions for carrying out the test procedures as well as interpretation the Results. The documentation is written in the form of a test manual.
Case type
Initiation of assessment
Required reliability check (by owner or authorities)
"Required reliability check (by owner or authorities)" is not in the list (Anticipated change of design working life, Required reliability check, Post event and anticipated damage, Structural deterioration, Pure research interest, Other) of allowed values for the "Initiation of assessment" property.
Predominant verification type
"NA" is not in the list (Risk-based, Reliability-based, Design value criteria, Quantative criteria, Engineering judgement, Other, Qualitative criteria) of allowed values for the "Predominant verification type" property.
Predominant verification scale
Structural component
Physical intervention
Repair, Strengthening or upgrading
Operational intervention
Maintenance, Monitoring