Voestbrücke Bypass LZ34 A+B (case study)

Suspension bridge. A>L:290m W:17m B>L:351m W:17m Crossection: Boxgirder orthothropic structure

Object description

(No object description available.)

Civil engineering type
Road network Bridge
Year of construction
Composed of materials
Location coordinates
48° 19' 11.06" N, 14° 17' 57.23" E
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Object analysis

cable forces and natural modes of vibration have been checked

Case type

Object state

Within the scope of this special inspection, the dynamic effects of the traffic loads on the supporting structure are to be recorded and the load-bearing capacity and functional capability are to be evaluated in comparison with the statics, as well as recommendations for the further service life with regard to structural maintenance measures are to be given in particular. In the present investigation of the two VOEST bypass bridges LZ34A and LZ34B, the main focus is on the bridge cables and the bridge deck (primary load-bearing system). The vibration measurement will be used as a zero measurement for future investigation. All measurements are carried out under traffic load. The vibration measurements contain two focal points: 1) non-destructive measurement of the bridge cables, this is based on the exact measurement and evaluation of the effective forces in the stay cables. The determined actual cable forces are compared with the target values of the statics, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the condition of the cables. The geometric parameters of the cables and the cable weight are made available for evaluation. 2) non-destructive, two-dimensional, dynamic measurement of the bridge deck , this is carried out on the basis of deck measurements in the respective spans. This makes it possible to comprehensively describe and quantify the relevant load-bearing behaviour of the bridge deck and any changes over time. is to be used as the zero measurement. The natural frequencies and natural modes of vibration are to be recorded.

Observed deterioration processes
Observed damage types
Performance indicators
Dynamic response (acceleration/damping/frequencies), Other actions (wind/temperature/earthquake)


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This case study was contributed by Fritz Binder of Asfinag Baumanagement GmbH. Last edited by technical staff.