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Element type
Civil engineering work
Civil engineering type
Road network Bridge
Year of construction
Composed of materials
The Galecopperbrug (located in Utrecht, The Netherlands) is an important bridge in the Dutch road network (A12). It is a steel cable-stayed bridge with a span of 240 meters in total, of which 180 meters over the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal. Altough one speaks about the Galecopperbrug, it are basically two separate. The first one, holding the traffic from west to east, was constructed in 1971. The second bridge was constructed in 1976. Both bridges hold six lanes of traffic (devided over a main road and a parallel road). An important aspect of this bridge are the staycables. Each bridge consists of 2 pylons, both supporting 2 stay-cables. These stay-cables start at the anchorage just below deck at the abutment, pass the top of the pylon and are anchored again at a second anchorage below deck (above water). Each stay-cable consists of 6 locked-coil cables (76 mm diameter). These locked-coil cables on their turn are constructed out of 200+ wires of 4-8 mm in diameter.
Location coordinates
52.060727, 5.096287
Physical address
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