A5.25 - Brücke über Satzengraben (case study)

Frame-like road bridge. 2 superstructures (w:15,45). L:113,8. 5 fields (2*18,75+3*23). One of the longest frame-like structures in at least Austria.

Object description

(No object description available.)

Civil engineering type
Road network Bridge
Year of construction
Composed of materials
Location coordinates
48° 33' 9.36" N, 16° 37' 56.41" E
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Object analysis

Monitoring of the structure compared with detailed monitoring of displacement and deformation of the innovative jointless expansion joints.

Case type

Object state

Monitoring should provide more insight into the long-term behaviour of the expansionjoint and obtain data for potential future applications of the system.

Observed deterioration processes
Observed damage types
Performance indicators
Deformation, Displacement, Other actions (wind/temperature/earthquake)


Satzengraben 1.jpeg


This case study was contributed by Daniel Moore of Asfinag Baumanagement GmbH. Last edited by technical staff.