Arroyo de las Piedras Viaduct (analysis)

A detailed assessment of the condition of an object.


Element type
Due to the viaduct’s height, the inspection and maintenance tasks are very difficult, dangerous and costly. Therefore, the interest lies on evaluating new inspection methodologies that can reduce the complexity and risks of these inspections while improving the quality of the inspection data, not only visual but also precise geometrical data that can be used for precise structural assessments of this infrastructure.
Case type
Initiation of assessment
Pure research interest, Improvement of maintenance procedures
"Improvement of maintenance procedures" is not in the list (Anticipated change of design working life, Required reliability check, Post event and anticipated damage, Structural deterioration, Pure research interest, Other) of allowed values for the "Initiation of assessment" property.
Predominant verification type
Engineering judgement
Predominant verification scale
Damage/deterioration location
Information updating
Indirect non-bayesian