Rędziński Bridge (analysis)

A detailed assessment of the condition of an object.


Element type
The case of study of Redzinski bridge is to research all points where it is possible to find some damages. Generally point of initiation of assessments is structural deterioration. Monitoring of that bridge allows to eliminate all potential damages in qualitative criteria and design value criteria. All measurements sensors is mounted along bridge. The monitoring system of bridge consist of subsystem: construction and metrology monitoring. Also very important is structural analysis. In this case it concerns ultimate limit state and fatigue limit state. The physical intervention of that bridge is repair, strengthening or upgrading.
Case type
Initiation of assessment
Structural deterioration
Predominant verification type
Qualitative criteria
Predominant verification scale
Structural component
Structural analysis
Ultimate limit state, Fatigue limit state
Information updating
Direct non-bayesian
Physical intervention
Repair, Strengthening or upgrading
Operational intervention

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