VÖEST Brücke LZ34 (analysis)

A detailed assessment of the condition of an object.


Element type
Non-destructive measurement of the bridge cables. This is based on the exact measurement and evaluation of the effective forces in the stay cables. The determined current cable forces are compared with the values of the zero measurement in 1999 or the 1st follow-up measurement in 2008, whereby conclusions can be drawn about the condition of the cables. The comparison is made both with the SET forces (according to the previous measurements) and with the plastic limit tensile forces (=> static load of the stay cables). Non-destructive, two-dimensional, dynamic measurement of the bridge deck using a sensor grid of acceleration sensors along both pavement alignments in longitudinal direction. This allows the relevant load-bearing behaviour of the bridge deck and any changes over time to be comprehensively described and quantified.
Case type
Initiation of assessment
Required reliability check (by owner or authorities), Structural deterioration
"Required reliability check (by owner or authorities)" is not in the list (Anticipated change of design working life, Required reliability check, Post event and anticipated damage, Structural deterioration, Pure research interest, Other) of allowed values for the "Initiation of assessment" property.
Predominant verification type
Engineering judgement
Predominant verification scale
Structural component
Structural analysis
Serviceability limit state
Information updating
Indirect non-bayesian
Physical intervention
Repair, Strengthening or upgrading
Operational intervention
Load restriction or change of use, Maintenance

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