Cable-stayed bridge Obere Argen (analysis)

A detailed assessment of the condition of an object.


Element type
A test matrix describes all tests to be carried out according to the time interval to be observed, needs tests or according to an object-related damage analysis. The inspection of the cable-stayed bridge includes an optical inspection of the ropes, an inspection of the rope entry and end anchoring, magnetic inductive measurements, an ultrasonic inspection of the end anchoring, rope force determination with frequency measurement, optical inspection of the superstructure inside and outside, a measurement of the reflectors on the superstructure and pylon, optical inspection of the Pylon and pylon head, measurement of the pillars, an inclinometer and deformation measurement of the site as well as a review of the seepage and drainage system.
Case type
Initiation of assessment
Anticipated change of design working life, Structural deterioration
Predominant verification type
Engineering judgement
Predominant verification scale
Structural component
Physical intervention
Repair, Strengthening or upgrading
Operational intervention
Maintenance, Monitoring