Seitenhafenbridge (case study)

Seitenhafenbridge is a semi-integrale structure with length of 130 m located in Vienna, Austria. It is a roadbridge that was finished in 2011. The structure consits of a reinforced concrete slab resp. T-beam on steel columns and nodes. The structure is post tensioned for all spans. A concept of flexible abutment was applied (the first in Austria and currently the longest one in Europe). The foundation is pile foundation with flexible casing.

Object description

(No object description available.)

Civil engineering type
Road network Bridge
Year of construction
Composed of materials
Location coordinates
48° 10' 37.04" N, 16° 27' 50.24" E
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Object analysis

The monitoring system was included in the tender for the bridge. The tender design was prepared including specifications of sensors. Detail design was already considering the monitoring equipment. The goald was the verification of static calculation or input parameter for further investigations: Comparison of design assumptions with real structure. Calibration of finite element models to real structural behavior. Documentation of construction period or specific loading conditions.

Case type

Object state

The monitoring equipment consits of earth pressure sensors, laser sensors, passive reflecting units, inclinations sensors, hydraulic levelling system, and temperature sensors. The measurement task was to investigate the following: structural temperature, investigation of earth pressure (flexible abutment), alternation of length, vertical deflection of selected locations, observation of changes in inclination of selected locations, data storage & transmission, and regular reporting with regard to design assumptions. The monitoring system is working since start for operation in 2011. Reporting and maintenance is carried out in regular intervals by the client. The system has shown that the structure behaves as assumed. Monitoring improves understanding and may influence future design.

Observed deterioration processes
Observed damage types
Performance indicators
Deformation, Displacement


Seitenhafenbridge 1.jpeg
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This case study was contributed by Lisa Ptacek of Universität für Bodenkultur Wien. Last edited by technical staff.